Unconventional - Sideways Pull Buoy

Aug 3, 2007
Unconventional - Sideways Pull Buoy

There are so many muscles that play an integral part in your swimming that it's tough to find ways to pinpoint them all. Sometimes it's not until we're intent on making an interval, or a set, that we discover ways to isolate those "lesser" but very important muscles.


In a pull set, have you ever had your pull buoy slip down to your lower thigh, just above the knee? As you continue to swim, trying to make the interval, you instinctively squeeze your legs together to make sure the pull buoy doesn't fall out. WHAT FUN -- right? You've just discovered a great way to strengthen your pull AND work the muscles in your inner thigh -- or groin area.

Why Do It:
The inner thigh, or groin, is extremely important for breaststroke, but the muscles can easily be damaged or strained if you work them TOO hard or with too wide of a kick. This simple exercise will help strengthen the groin muscles with a controlled, continuous, INWARD PRESS on the legs.

How To Do It:
 Grab a standard pull buoy. The one-piece buoys are by far the best for this drill.

2.  Place the pull buoy between your legs SIDEWAYS... not the regular way.

3.  Swim some 50s or 100s freestyle while NOT allowing the pull buoy to slip out.

4. Repeat this as necessary until you feel like you've had enough.

How To Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):

As you can see, the pull buoys that we used are kinda flexible. While they may not be the absolute best, they worked well for this because they showed how tight the swimmers were holding the buoys. Also make sure that the buoy is place between the BONEY part of the knee, and not above it. The closer you have it to your knees, the more work you'll get out of this.

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