Update as of Thursday, February 10, 2005:

Feb 10, 2005
Update as of Thursday, February 10, 2005:

Dave� recovery from surgery is progressing in a positive direction at this time. He was moved out of Intensive Care on Tuesday and into the neurological wing. This means his room is smaller but seems bigger because he isn�t hooked up to as much equipment.

Dave, his nurses and therapists are establishing a routine that is conducive to his recovery. He is still experiencing pain from his surgical wound but reports there is less pain at the actual fracture site.

Dave� sister, Karyn, accesses his e-mail every few hours, prints the well wishes off and gives them to David to read. He enjoys them very much. Every time more flowers are delivered to his wing, we know most of them will reside in Dave� room. As a result, Dave� room now resembles a green house!

A close companion of David, Jessamyn Miller, has brought constant support to us all. David has had numerous visitors including many of his coaches. We didn�t know there were so many former swimmers in the area but more keep dropping by.

There are many aspects of David� care that are still in the works. We continue to fine tune a medical fund that is being established for him and we have been encouraged to be optimistic about Dave� full recovery. He is ready to do the rehabilitation work and hopes to do that at Craig Rehab. Hospital in Denver but nothing has been finalized yet.

To correct some information we have read: David is 26 and his spinal cord was not severed but severely traumatized. He still does not have feeling below the waist and whether it returns or not is just a waiting game. David is still cracking jokes but getting anxious to get a routine established. He is a hard worker and knows the kind of �training� that he faces to be the best he can be.

We will continue updates as his condition and placement changes. Thank you.

Tom & Terri Denniston

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