Upload Your Videos for Evaluations

Jan 8, 2015
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Upload Your Videos for Evaluations

While nothing can replace working with your coach, if you don’t have a coach, and need help, we’re providing the following service.

Receive a professional evaluation performed by our staff at GoSwim!

See a sample evaluation here.

FILMING GUIDELINES:  Film in a 25-yard or 25-meter pool.  Film single lengths (film a 25 rather than a 50, 75, or 100).  Each 25 should be a separate video clip.  Film a MAXIMUM of four video clips  Regardless of how many video clips you send us, we will evaluate ONLY TWO of the clips.  Please do not send more than FOUR video clips.

HOW TO SHOOT THE VIDEO:  If filming above water, stand on the deck at the midpoint of the pool.  Do not walk alongside the swimmer!  Stand in one spot at the middle of the pool and pan the camera to follow the swimmer as they swim a 25.  Minimize the movement of the camera and hold the camera as steady as possible.  Do not zoom in or out while filming.  Do not film the swimmer from the end of the pool; film from the midpoint of the pool.   Be aware of light reflection on the water’s surface and try to minimize the reflection.  All video should be shot with the camera in landscape (horizontal) orientation.  This means the phone is turned sideways, not held up and down.

If filming below the surface of the water, and if filming with a GoPro camera, position yourself at the midpoint of the pool and follow the guidelines in the above paragraph.

If filming below the surface with an iPhone inside of a waterproof HitCase and on a pole, you can film while walking on deck alongside the swimmer.  Film only 25s.

WHAT CAMERA TO USE:  Any camera will work for above-water filming.  For underwater filming, the preferred camera is an iPhone inside a Hitcase.  A GoPro camera may also be used, but the filming should be done from a stationary position.

Payment must be received before evaluation is performed.  Evaluation will be delivered via our online sharing platform and/or DropBox download.  Please allow 5-days for full evaluation to be completed.  

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