USA Swimming and GoSwim

Feb 5, 2015
USA Swimming and GoSwim

GoSwim, the sport’s leading provider of educational video content, is the official technique video supplier of USA Swimming.

GoSwim’s mission is to create videos that help people swim better and faster. Always at the forefront of using technology to improve coaching and swimming, GoSwim has created a subscription platform and soon-to-be-released mobile application that gives coaches a simple, inexpensive way to teach swim technique. GoSwim provides coaches and swimmers with:

  • The ultimate archive of swimming technique video.
  • Thousands of video clips of the world’s elite swimmers, filmed so you can really see and understand what they’re doing.
  • Learn what great swimmers do, that any swimmer can learn to do.
  • Easy to search. Easy to share. Easy to watch on any device.
  • Affordable subscriptions start at $2.99 per month.

What will you do today to improve your swimming? Find the answer at GoSwim. Click here to check out its affordable subscription prices and get a free trial week of GoSwim.

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  • Show your swimmers exactly what you want them to do…before they get to the pool. They can watch on their smart phones.
  • Maximize your pool time. Less explaining. More swimming. More swimmers who “get it.” Swimmers train with a visual image of the desired technique.
  • Safely and securely film your swimmers, and, with a few clicks in the GoSwim Deckshots app, share the videos with the swimmers. Help them learn after practice.
  • Get better results and faster results from your teaching, training and coaching.


  • Learn before you get to the pool.
  • Swim with a powerful visual image of world-class technique.
  • Make the most of your pool time and get better, faster results.
  • Watch your swimming technique, filmed by your coach, immediately after practice, privately on your own device.

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