Waterproof iPhone Case Perfect for Filming Swimmers

Jun 26, 2013
Waterproof iPhone Case Perfect for Filming Swimmers

For the past couple weeks, I've been walking around the pool with a stick in my hand. Â That stick has become the BEST swimming feedback tool I've ever encountered.

The Optrix XD5 Waterproof iPhone 5 case, along with a monopod, has allowed me to film swimmers during lessons and in workouts, with more ease and clarity than I've experienced with any other products. Â Period. Â This inexpensive combination of products gives me the ability to "track" swimmers better than anything I've ever used. Â The "magic" of this case is the wide-angle lens on the back of the case. It's like having an Olloclip on your phone, but with a waterproof case. Â With the Optrix combination, you're now able to shoot video of your swimmers in Lane 1, and get the entire body in the frame.

Combined with the power of the iPhone, which allows you to show the swimmer the video immediately, and then quickly send the video TO the swimmer... you may already have all the video equipment you need to film your swimmers.

We're so excited about the power of this product that we persuaded a local distributor to create special coach and swimmer packages for our friends. Â Follow this link to Willoughby's Camera Emporium here in New York City. Â

This Drill of the Week was shot entirely with the iPhone inside the Optrix XD5 case.

We'll be showing more about how to use this soon. Â For now, check out the video below. Â

DISCOUNT CODE MENTIONED ON VIDEO ENDED JULY 7, 2013. Â Products still available at regular price.

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