Welcome to GoSwim

Nov 17, 2014
Welcome to GoSwim

Welcome Swimmers, Coaches, and Parents!

You have reached the new and updated GoSwim!  We have merged our free site (goswim.tv) and our subscription site (goswimtv.com) into one location:  www.goswim.tv.


If you’ve been enjoying our free content, don’t worry!  GoSwim will continue to produce and publish FREE content, including Drills of the Week, motivational articles, swimming workouts, and swim photos.  This free content will be accessible by clicking the BLOG (blog.goswim.tv) link in the navigation.

If you’re currently a GoSwimtv.com subscriber, you will enjoy GoSwim by accessing www.goswim.tv.

If you’re new to GoSwim, we are the world’s leading content creator and provider for the sport of swimming.  For more than a decade, GoSwim has been creating easy-to-follow videos that help people swim better and faster.  We’ve created hundreds of drills, and full-length videos featuring some of the greatest swimmers in history, including more than 30 Olympians, USA National Team Members, and NCAA champions.   Our goal is to show the things that elite swimmers do…that every swimmer can learn to do.

If you’re new to GoSwim, or do not already have a subscription, you can test the waters for FREE!   We invite everyone to create an account and take advantage of a FREE week of the GoSwim subscription site.  Experience everything we’ve done (12 years of content) and all of our many services for swimmers and coaches, for FREE for one week.   After that, we hope you’ll dive in and become a subscriber with one of our super-affordable plans.

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