We're a Finalist in the About.com Readers' Choice Awards

Feb 11, 2011
We're a Finalist in the About.com Readers' Choice Awards

We want to thank everyone for their support in the nomination process, but there's one last step.  Please click the links in this post and vote for your favorite twitter feed and blog.  We'd like for you to vote for us for the twitter feed, and for our friend Rob, at Robaquatics.com, for the blogger.  We feel he is a true blogger, and has extreme passion for open water swimming.  His (nearly) daily posts keeps many people inspired to hop in the water with no lanes.

Our daily twitter posts feature not just swimming news, but inspiring and interesting articles from Olympics, Paralympics, swimming, open water swimming, triathlon, as well as reminders of drills and announcements from goswim.tv.

Again, we appreciate all the support you can give us, and we'll keep doing what we do.

• Vote for the twitter feed here (@goswim)

• Vote for the blogger here (Rob Aquatics)

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