Why Is an Evaluation Better Than a Lesson?

Jan 8, 2015
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Why Is an Evaluation Better Than a Lesson?

Teaching has changed, and so have the time demands on parents and swimmers.

With a standard swim lesson lasting 60 minutes, the question shouldn’t be how much was taught. It should be, how much can you remember?

When does the REAL teaching take place?  The imprinting of habits, or illustrations of incorrect techniques will be FAR more effective when the swimmer is watching exactly what THEY do, and then seeing examples of the correct way to perform that technique.

When a 60-minute lesson is over, the traditional teaching has stopped.  But by using some new and simple technology, the teaching can continue after the lesson is over (or even before the lesson begins).  When a swimmer has the ability to view their own swimming, on their own device, with feedback, whenever they want, especially as they’re heading to or from practice, they’ll have a MUCH better idea of what their daily goal will be.

The MOST effective teaching is teaching that engages the swimmer.  Video of your swimmer will be the MOST effective, and quickest way to impact long-term improvement.

The Teacher.  Glenn Mills is a US Olympian, NCAA Champion, and Co-Founder of GoSwim.tv, the source of the most-watched technique videos in the world. Glenn can quickly video your swimmer, and then send you and your athlete on your way.  The work begins after you leave.

You’ll be provided with beautiful underwater video of your swimmer, shot in extreme slow-motion, and provided to you through GoSwim’s secure, online delivery platform.  You’ll receive the raw, unedited video, and then, a few days later, a full evaluation of what your swimmer is doing well, and what they’re not doing so well.  The evaluation will cover various things the swimmer should focus on.  The swimmer will also receive suggestions of which GoSwim video clips he or she should watch to help work on the technique issues identified in the evaluation.  The suggested videos will feature a wide variety of Olympians, National Team Members, and other great young swimmers.

By watching his own video and the suggested GoSwim videos, the swimmer will start to see REAL changes taking place during their daily practice…not during a 60-minute lesson.  Give your swimmer the feedback, information, and education necessary for them to succeed.

To fully utilize the effectiveness of the GoSwim platform, you will be required to have a subscription to GoSwim.TV (the individual $9.99 / month or $99.99 / year plan is required).  This will allow the sharing of our premium videos back to your swimmer.

Filming takes approximately 5 minutes, so come ready to swim.


  • 2-Stroke Evaluation or single stroke filmed above and below – $100
  • 4-Stroke Evaluation – $150
  • Annual Subscription to GoSwimTV.com – $99.99

The suggested format for swimmers would be a monthly 4-Stroke Evaluation, which will allow them to work on each of their strokes.  Even if they have a “strong” stroke, young swimmers imprint interactions with the water each time they get in.  All strokes should come with the proper focus and technique.  The monthly evaluation will also show technique improvement over time, as well as show where they’re continuing to have trouble in changing poor habits.

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