Why These Women Win!

Sep 27, 2011
Why These Women Win!

I can't help but continue to be impressed, and humbled by three amazing athletes.  These women have completely committed their lives to health and because of that... just keep swimming... and swimming fast.

In watching each of them, I sit back and wonder how swimmers half their age or less, imagine they're going to compete with these women when they don't train and commit themselves at even half the intensity.

Don't forget, these three athletes have their technique set up.  Now it's just about training.  And when they do train, they realize that time is a fleeting thing, so each day is spent with extreme passion... passion that I fear is missing in many younger swimmers who think they have plenty of time to catch up.

Unfortunately, for the majority of swimmers, the only way they're going to beat these three comes down to two words... "retirement, again."

This post is to serve more as a wake-up call to any female who swims the 50 free, the 200 breast, or the 400 or 800 free.  This is what you're up against, and if you feel youth will get you through... think again.

Janet Evans - 

Dara Torres - 

Amanda Beard - I've posted this before, but I can't help it... absolutely love it.  Incredibly inspiring.

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