01-02-07 UV Rays Masters Getting Back after the Holidays

Jan 1, 2007
01-02-07 UV Rays Masters  Getting Back after the Holidays

WARMUP: 400TRIATHLON SET: 1004 X 25 Freestyle (1st half of each length with head out; 2nd half with head in…focus on wide hand entry)KICK/SWIM SET: 450…300…150Fastest lanes do 6 X 75, middle lanes do 4 X 75, lane 1 do 2 X 75:Odds: 50 flutter kick on back + 25 freestyle with 6-beat kickEvens: 25 flutter kick on back + 50 freestyle with 6-beat kickPULL SET: 400…300…200Fastest lanes do 400, middle lanes 300, lane 1 200:Freestyle pull breathing every 3, except that 3rd length of every 100 is breathing every stroke.KICK/SWIM SET #2: 600…400…300Fastest lanes do 6 X 100, middle lanes do 4 X 100, lane 1 do 3 X 100Odds: 25 flutter on back + 25 backstroke + 25 flutter on back + 25 backstrokeEvens: 25 breast kick on back + 25 breast + 25 breast kick on back + 25 breastFIN SET: 4004 X 100 free with finsCount strokes on first length and then decrease count by one stroke on each length. Repeat the same stroke-count pattern on each 100. E.g., if your first length is 15 strokes, next length should be 14, next length 13, next length 12. Repeat the pattern on all 100s.Focus on KICKING to reduce your count on each length.DRILL/SCRIMMAGE SET: 200Keep the fins on.4 X 25 freestyle arms with dolphin kick on :30 sendoff4 X 25 freestyle with flutter kick on 60-second sendoff. Swim 2 abreast in each lane and you are RACING each other. These are FAST.WARMDOWN: 200200 EZ your choice

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