02/03/07 Back In after 15 Days Out

Jan 3, 2007
02/03/07  Back In after 15 Days Out

Caught a weird and persistent bug over the holidays, and am just getting some energy to get back in the pool. Did this in a 20-yard pool.WARMUP: 1000With Zura Alpha fins:80 dolphin on stomach120 free80 flutter kick120 free80 dolphin on back120 free200 backstrokeNo fins:200 yards breast kick all positionsMORE WARMUP: 1000With pull buoy, 400 yards alternating:40 freestyle pull breathing every 2...every 5and20 breast pull + 20 whole-stroke breast (with pull buoy)200 backstroke200 with Zura Sidekick, alternating:40 breast kick and40 eggbeater200 with pull buoy, alternating:20 whole-stroke breastand20 breast kick on backTotal Yardage: 2000

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