02/05/04 CCB Masters 200-Free Sandwich

Feb 5, 2004
02/05/04  CCB Masters  200-Free Sandwich

02/05/04 CCB Masters 200-Free SandwichWARMUP: 400400 your choiceMAIN SET: 2000/This set contains four 200s of Freestyle, but the 200s are sandwiched between a variety of IM sets. The IM sets are with fins; the 200s Free are without fins. Your goal on the set is to maintain your time on each 200 Free -- better yet, your goal is to descend your time on each of the 200s. Faster lanes do the number of repeats to the left of the slash. Slower lane does the repeats to the right of the slash. Sendoffs are floating. Use your judgment. Our swimmers took approximately 45-50 seconds after each 200 to get their fins on and get ready to go. Don't take any extra time between the IM sets and the 200s.If you have longer than 60 minutes for your practice, you could add 4 X 25 in IM order and another 200 Free at the end of the main set.4 X 125 IM (with fins). On the first one, swim 50 fly; on the second one, swim 50 back; on the third one, swim 50 breast; on the fourth, swim 50 free1 X 200 Free4/2 X 100 IM (with fins)1 X 200 Free4/2 X 75 IM (with fins) (FL/BK/BR BK/BR/FR FL/BK/BR BK/BR/FR)1 X 200 Free4 X 50 IM order (with fins)1 X 200 FreeWARMDOWN: 200200 EZ warmdownTotal Yardage: 2600/2250

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