02/06/06 Breast & Back Practice

Feb 6, 2006
02/06/06  Breast & Back Practice

Did this practice in a 20-yard pool.WARMUP: 1040With Zura Alpha fins, twice through:40 SA drill40 LA drill40 SA drill200 Free/BackWith no equipment:400 yards alternating 20 breast kick/20 dolphin kick. Use all positions -- front/back/UW/head lead/hand leadBREAST SET: 800 + 20010 X 80, focus on fast hands and pulling the hips forward. Did not do any pullouts on this set; was focusing on the drill.1. Head-Out Breast2. Breast3. With pull buoy: Breast pull w/ dolphin kick4. With pull buoy: Breast pull w/ breast kick5. Breast6. With fins: UW Breast pull w/ dolphin kick7. With fins: AW Breast pull with dolphin kick, breathing every pulse8. Breast9. 3 Down/2 Up Breast w/ no equipment10. 3 Down/All Up Breast w/ no equipmentEZ 200 Free pull w/ pull buoyBACKSTROKE SET: 80010 X 80 focus on fast hands and clean entry1. W/ pull buoy alternate 20 sit up and spin/20 backstroke2. W/o pull buoy repeat above3. W/ fins repeat #1.4. W/ pull buoy repeat #1.5. W/o pull buoy repeat #1.6. W/ fins repeat #1.7-10. BackstrokeWARMDOWN: 200 EZ with pull buoyTotal Yardage: 3000

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