02/10/04 CCB Masters Equipment Day

Feb 10, 2004
02/10/04  CCB Masters  Equipment Day

02/10/04 CCB Masters Equipment DayIt's been way too long since I had my Masters team use fistgloves and paddles, so today is Equipment Day. I wanted to give them a set in which they'd start with hardly any surface area on the hands (fistgloves), then add a bit of surface area (nekked hands), then add even more surface area (paddles). It's also been a long time since we focused on drills, so I included them in today's practice, too.WARMUP: 400400 your choice. Fins optional.MAIN SET: 2000Swim 8 rounds of the following. Use your judgment on the sendoffs.25 Drill50 Drill/Swim75 Drill/Swim/Swim100 Swim/Swim/Drill/SwimRound #1With fistgloves and fins.Swim is Backstroke. Drill is 6-Count Backstroke. Focus on a deep catch and an early catch with the hands.Round #2With fistgloves and fins.Swim is Freestyle. Drill is Single-Switch Freestyle. Focus on sending your body through the smallest possible hole in the water.Round #3Nekked hands and feet.Swim is Breaststroke. Drill is Breast with an Extra Kick. Focus on streamlining after each kick.Round #4Nekked hands and feet.Swim is Freestyle. Drill is Freestyle Breathing Every Stroke. Focus on fast, clean rotation.Round #5PaddlesSwim is Backstroke. Drill is 2L/2R Backstroke. Focus on deep, early catch.Round #6PaddlesSwim is Freestyle. Drill is Triple-Switch Freestyle. Focus on clean hand entry.Round #7Fins and Nekked Hands.Swim is Butterfly. Drill is Body Dolphin Kick on Your Back. If you can't do all butterfly, alternate one cycle Fly and one cycle Breast.Round #8Fins and Nekked Hands.Swim is Freestyle. Drill is 4/3 LA Combo (4 strokes Back and 3 strokes Free). Focus on keeping lead arm extended as you switch from free to back.EXTRA SET FOR FAST LANES: 400With pull buoy.400 Freestyle Lung BusterPull 400 continuous freestyle. On the odd lengths, you can breathe as often as you want. On the first two evens lengths, breathe every 3 strokes. On the next two evens, breathe every 5. On the third two evens, breathe every 7. On the final two even lengths, breathe every 9 strokes.WARMDOWN: 200200 EZ warmdown your choice.Total Yardage: 3000 for fastest lane/2600 for middle lanes

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