02/11/03 CCB Masters Fartlek Practice

Feb 12, 2003
02/11/03 CCB Masters  Fartlek Practice

WARMUP: ??10-minute warmup swimDRILL SET: 3504 X 25 freestyle at brisk pace to establish N (average stroke count per lap)5 X 50 1st 25: Alternate 3 stroke free and 4 strokes back2nd 25: Freestyle at NMAIN SETS: 155012 X 25 freestyleOdds: Half lap EZ, then half lap FASTEvens: Half lap FAST, then half lap EZHold N on all laps!6 X 50 freestyleSwim 1 1/2 laps at EZ pace, then last 1/2 lap FAST. Hold N.4 X 751st 25 of each 75: 3-cycle burst freestyle, then EZ free2nd 25 of each 75: EZ backstroke3rd 25 of each 75: FAST freestyle5 X 1001st 25: FAST freestyle2nd 25: EZ backstroke3rd 25: EZ breaststroke4th 25: FAST freestyle6 X 25Odds: Single-switch freestyleEvens: Freestyle with only 2 breaths during the lapWARMDOWN:100 EZ warmdownTotal Yardage: 2,000, not including warmup

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