02/12/04 IM Practice Based on 150s

Feb 12, 2004
02/12/04  IM Practice Based on 150s

02/12/04 IM Practice Based on 150sI got the idea for this main set from something that Glenn did in a Masters practice this week -- 150s that were 100 free + 50 stroke. It's important to focus on transitions in the IM -- transitions being everying from the turn to the pullout/breakout to the first few strokes of the new stroke. WARMUP: 1200With fins.Three rounds of the following 400-yard continuous swim:25 FL/25BK/25BR 25FL/25BK/25BR 25FL/25BK/25BR 25FL/25BK/25BR + 100 FreeRound #1:FL = Stoneskipper Drill (Skimmers)BK = 6-Count BackBR = StoneskipperRound #2:FL = Alternate one cycle Fly with one cycle BreastBK - Alternate 4 stroke Back with three strokes FreeBR = Alternate one cycle Breast with one cycle FlyRound #3: FL = FlyBK = BackBR = Body-Dolphin BreastMAIN SET: 1800Swim 12 X 150 as follows. These are not broken 150s; each 150 is nonstop. 3 X 150 (100 Fly + 50 Back) on 3:00 Wear fins for this.3 X 150 (100 Back + 50 Breast) on 3:00 No fins.3 X 150 (100 Breast + 50 Free) on 3:00 No fins.3 X 150 (all Freestyle) on 3:00 No fins.Wear fins for the Fly/Back 150s. Take the fins off for the rest of the set. I used a 3:00 sendoff for everything, and did not take any extra rest between the sets of 3. This may seem like a lot of rest at the start, but the set will catch up to you. Use the rest to accomplish your goals...One of your goals is to descend your time on 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12. The other goal is to focus on your transitions between strokes. On the Fly/Back set, focus on rounding your shoulders off the transition turn and taking at least 6 fast dolphin kicks into your breakout into backsktroke. On the Back/Breast set, focus on getting a long and streamlined pullout and breakout EVEN IF YOU ARE DYING FOR AIR. On the Breast/Free set, focus on a strong, fast kick into a breakout that sends you forward into Freestyle. Think about attacking on the first two strokes of free, because these are the strokes that will establish your tempo for the rest of the 50. On the Free/Free set, focus on attacking the first few strokes of the final 50. WARMDOWN: 200200 EasyTotal Yardage: 3200

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