02/13/04 Breaststroke 100s with Equipment

Feb 17, 2004
02/13/04  Breaststroke 100s with Equipment

02/13/04 Breaststroke 100s with EquipmentHere's a practice that I did on my own to work on pacing for 100 breast. I had two focus points today. One was to keep my toes super pointed after each kick, and to keep them pointed as I drew them up on the recovery. The other focus point was the insweep of the pull. I tried to imagine that I was sculling inward on each insweep. This got a little tricky with paddles on, but it was a good exercise. I was also trying to keep my 100 times consistent, no matter what equipment I was wearing. I kept each of the 100s at about 1:35, except for the paddle 100s, which crept up to 1:37.WARMUP: 45 minutes water runningMAIN SET: 1400Swim 4 rounds of the following:3 X 50 FL/BK BK/BR BR/FR 2 X 100 Breast Round #1: With fistgloves.50s are on 1:05100s are on 2:10Round #2:Nekked hands.50s are on 1:00100s are on 2:00Round #3:With paddles.50s are on 1:00100s are on 2:00Round #4:With fins.50s are on 1:00100s are on 2:00WARMDOWN SET: 300200 Breaststroke kick with a kickboard, focusing on getting my hips up to the surface right after each kick.100 EZ to unkink my shoulders from the above 200.Total Yardage: 1700

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