02/13/04 CCB Masters 100s Free Adding Surface Area

Feb 12, 2004
02/13/04   CCB Masters   100s Free Adding Surface Area

02/13/04 CCB Masters 100s Free Adding Surface AreaOn the main set, you swim four rounds, wearing a different piece of equipment on each round. You wear fistgloves on the first round, nothing on the second round, paddles on the third round, and fins on the fourth round. So you are gradually adding more surface area with each round. This means you will have a slightly different puzzle to solve on each round. More later....WARMUP: 400400 your choice. Fins optional.MAIN SET: 1800Swim four rounds of the following:3 X 50 (FL/BK BK/BR BR/FR)3 X 100 FreeYou will be wearing a little more surface area on each round, and as you add surface area, you will be getting a little less rest on your sendoffs. Your focus in on the 100s. Your goal is to swim each one faster than the last, or to hold steady on all of them. Our swimmers typically had no problem descending the nekked 100s and the 100s with fins. They had more trouble hitting the descend with fistgloves and paddles. In part, this is due to the fact that you have to be more precise with your technique when you are wearing gloves or paddles. If you don't rotate and pierce the water with gloves on, and don't do it consistently, you won't be very fast. With paddles, if you mess up just one turn and catch the paddles on your pushoff, your time will increase. Paddles and gloves are not forgiving in the way that nekked swimming is. For example, if you are swimming with no equipment and you don't have your hands in streamline off the turn, you'll just have a slow turn. If you make the same mistake with paddles on, you can lose as much as a second due to the added resistance. With fistglvoes and paddles, you have to be technically perfect ALL THE TIME, not just once in a while. That's what's good about practicing with these two pieces of equipment.Round #1: With fistglovesFast lane goes on 1:10 for 50s and 2:10 for 100s.Middle lane goes on 1:20 for 50s and 2:20 for 100s.Slower lane goes on 1:30 for 50s and 2:30 for 100s.Round #2: Nekked (no equipment)Fast lane goes on 1:05 for 50s and 2:05 for 100s.Middle lane goes on 1:15/2:15Slower lane goes on 1:25/2:25Round #3: PaddlesFast lane on 1:00/2:00Middle lane on 1:10/2:10Slower lane on 1:20/2:20Round #4: FinsFast lane on :55/1:55Middle lane on 1:05/2:05Slower lane on 1:15/2:15WARMDOWN: 300300 EZ warmdownTotal Yardage: 2500

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