02/15/05 Quick Breaststroke Kick Practice

Feb 15, 2005
02/15/05  Quick Breaststroke Kick Practice

WARMUP: 400With fins, alternate 25 fly drill/25 back drill/25 breast drill for 300 yards, gradually increasing the complexity of the drills, then 100 freeKICK WARMUP: 200Kick a very EZ 200 to get the knees loosened up. Alternate 25 on your back/25 on your stomach.KICK SET #1: 2004 X 50 breast kick on 1:30, with 7 Rocket Launchers before each 50. Do these as a descend. (I went :55...:50...:46...:44.) Focus on narrow recovery of the legs and non-stop forward motion. Try not to surge.EZ SET: 200200 EZ backstrokeKICK SET #2: 200Repeat KICK SET #1. (I went :50...:48...:46...:44.)WARMDOWN: 100100 EZ freestyleTotal Yardage: 1300

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