02/21/06 CCB Masters 4-3-2-1

Feb 17, 2006
02/21/06 CCB Masters  4-3-2-1

WARMUP: 400400 your choice, on your ownFLIP-TURN SET: 2004 X 50 @ :20 RI, swum as 25 Free/25 BackFlip straight over. After the final pull before the turn, keep arms tucked into sides and ready for a streamlined pushoff.MAIN SET: 2000Start with EZ/moderate pace on the 400s, and increase your intensity throughout the set, so that the 200s are tempo pace and the 100s are 90-95% effort. On the CHOICE, you can do IM, all Freestyle, or any combination of strokes. If you are in lane #2, replace the 400s with 300s if you want.400 Free -- no equipment400 with fins, alternate 25 dolphin on back and 25 choice300 Free -- no equipment300 with pull buoy, alternate 25 Freestyle pull/25 choice200 Free -- no equipment200 with fins, choice 100 FAST FREE -- no equipment100 FAST Free with fins.WARMDOWN: 100 EZ

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