02/24/04 CCB Masters T-15s and 250 IMs

Feb 24, 2004
02/24/04  CCB Masters  T-15s and 250 IMs

02/24/04 CCB Masters T-15s and 250 IMsIt's T-15 week. We run the timed swims in heats throughout practice, so in order not to wear out the swimmers going in the later heats, I wrote a practice that would be relatively EZ at the beginning.WARMUP: 400400 your choice. Fins optional.MAIN SET: 1700Swim 6 rounds of the following. These are continuous, 250-yard swims. There's no sendoff. Just take some rest between each one, then go again. We wore fins for the entire set.50 "FLY" + 50 "BACK" + 50 "BREAST" + 100 FREERound #1: FLY = Head-Lead Body DolphinBACK = Head-Lead ActiveBREAST = Head-Lead Body Dolphin on Your BackRound #2:FLY = Hand-Lead Body DolphinBack = 6-Count BackBreast = Hand-Lead BD on Your BackROund #3:FLY = SkimmersBACK = 2L/2R BackstrokeBREAST = BD BreastRound #4:FLY = Alternate 1 cycle Fly and 1 cycle BreastBACK = Alternate 4 strokes Back and 3 strokes FreeBREAST = Alternate 1 cycle Breast and 1 cycle FlyRounds #5 and 6:FLY = FLYBACK = BACKBREAST = BREASTWARMDOWN SET: 400The only swimmers who had time for this set were those who did not do a T-15 today.400 LungbusterWith pull buoyAll odd lengths -- breathe as much as you want.First 2 even lengths -- breathe every 3Second 2 even lengths -- breathe every 5Third 2 even lengths -- breathe every 7Fourth 2 even lengths -- breathe every 9WARMDOWN: 200200 EZ swim your choiceTotal Yardage: Approx. 2700

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