02/24/06 CCB Masters 200s-100s-50s

Feb 23, 2006
02/24/06 CCB Masters  200s-100s-50s

We have several swimmers going to NEM Champs next months, so we are trying to add a bit more speed to our practices. We also did Rocket Launchers -- a great drill for improving leg strength for starts and pushoffs.WARMUP: 400400 your choice, on your ownKICK SET: 2004 X 50 kick with board (25 flutter + 25 breast) with 5 Rocket Launchers before each 50.SWIM SET #1: 4002 X 200 choice of stroke or IM @ :60 RI These should feel like controlled speed. Hold back a bit on the swim, but make the turns intense and quick, with good pushoffs. Descend time on 2nd 200.HEADS-UP SET: 2004 X 50 @ :20 RIOdds: 25 Tarzan Drill + 25 FreeEvens: 25 Head-Out Breast + 25 Breast Focus on getting hands back out front before kick begins.SWIM SET #2: 2002 X 100 choice or IM @ :30 RISame as the 200s. Make the swimming almost EZ, but be very intense going into and out of the turns. Descend time on 2nd 100.FLY SET: 300With Fins.12 X 25 Fly drill @ approx. :10 RIDo these as four rounds of the following:1 X 25 of one cycle 2L/2R Fly...switch to Fly1 X 25 of 3 strokes Fly...switch to Free1 X 25 of 5 strokes Fly...switch to FreeSWIM SET #3: 1002 X 50 choice @ :15 RIControlled speed, with intense turns. Descend.WARMDOWN: 100 to 200 EZMeet swimmers do 2 starts from the blocksTotal Yardage: 2000

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