02/25/04 Breaststroke 20-Yard Pool Practice

Feb 25, 2004
02/25/04    Breaststroke 20-Yard Pool Practice

02/25/04 Breaststroke 20-Yard Pool PracticeWARMUP: 600With fistgloves and fins.600 alternating 40 freestyle or freestyle drill with 40 backstroke or backstroke drillMAIN SET #1: 2100Swim 3 rounds of the following:200 breaststroke kick without a board, changing position on each 20 (UW breast kick, hand-lead on back, hand-lead on stomach, head-lead on back, hand-lead on back)4 X 120, alternating 20 UW Breast with Dolphin Kick with 20 Body Dolphin BreastTake approx. 10 bobs as recovery between the 120s.Round #1:With fistgloves and fins on the 120s.Round #2:With fins and nekked hands on the 120s.Round #3:With fins and paddles on the 120s.Focus on these rounds was getting my hands out of the water during the recovery.80 EZ recovery at the end of the set.MAIN SET #2: 2005 X 40 breaststroke with swim tether. Take approx. 10 bobs recovery between 40s. Some improvement today. First time I tried this last week, I took 10 and 11 strokes against the tether and 9 or 10 strokes with the tether. Today I was 8-9 against and 8 with.WARMDOWN: 300200 breaststroke with a board, focus on getting the hips up on each kick.20 "star jumps" (I keep getting cramps in my thighs when I start off the blocks in races, so I want to practice some explosive jumping. For the star jumps, I went in the shallow end and jumped as high as I could, twenty times in a row with no pause. 100 EZ swimdownTotal Yardage: 3200

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