03/01/04 IM and Breaststroke Practice in 20-Yard Pool

Mar 2, 2004
03/01/04   IM and Breaststroke Practice in 20-Yard Pool

03/01/04 IM and Breaststroke Practice in 2-Yard PoolI had to take it easy today for the first part of the practice because I was in a 20-yard, 4-lane pool during the senior-swim hour, and I didn't want to be thrashing around too much so as to disturb the other swimmers. I really admire any senior who comes to the pool to swim, walk, talk, or just paddle around, and I like to give them their space. I hope I have their energy and determination when I become a senior. Toward the end of the hour, the pool cleared out and I was able to use the swim tether and GO FOR IT.I didn't do an official warmup. I started with drills.MAIN SET #1: 1920With fins.Swim 4 rounds of the following. I tried to kick and swim slowly and silently and not to make too much splash or waves.2 X (40 Short-Axis Drill + 40 Long-Axis Drill + 40 SA Drill + 120 Freestyle)Round #1: SA Drill = Head-Lead Body DolphinLA Drill = Head-Lad ActiveRound #2:SA Drill = Hand-Lead Body DolphinLA Drill = 6-Count BackstrokeRound #3:SA Drill = SkimmersLA Drill = 2L/2R BackRound #4:SA Drill = Under Water Breast with Dolphin KickLA Drill = Head-Lead ActiveMAIN SET #2: 200With pull buoy.Alternate 20 scull with 20 swim.MAIN SET #3: 400With pull buoy:200 breast kick in all positions: under water, head-lead on back, head-lead on stomach, hand-lead on back, hand-lead on stomachWithout pull buoy:5 X 40 breast (20 drill + 20 swim), changing drill on each 40.Take approx. 5 bobs as recovery between each 40.MAIN SET #4: 400With swim tether.10 X 40 with approx. 10 bobs as recoveryWARMDOWN: 400100 swim200 breast kick with board100 swimTotal Yardage: 3320

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