03/01/05 Snow Day Breaststroke Practice

Mar 1, 2005
03/01/05  Snow Day Breaststroke Practice

Woke up to 8+ inches of snow this morning and still counting, so I dug out and headed to the local pool. It's a 20-yard pool, but you could easily modify this practice for 25 yards.WARMUP: 800With fins. Alternate 40 SA drill and 40 LA drill for 800 yards, making the drills more complex as you go, and ending with whole-stroke swimming on the last 160 yards.MAIN SET: 2080With a swim tether, push off and do a pulldown, then take 30 head-lead breaststroke kicks followed by 30 hand-lead breaststroke kicks, then turn and swim back, assisted and FAST, to the starting point. Repeat.Still with the tether, swim 2 X 40 breaststroke.Focus on tethered swimming today was trying to get my heels all the way to my butt on the kick. On the pull, I tried to keep eyes down and head in the water until ready to start the insweep.With fistgloves and pull buoy, swim 400 yards, alternating 20 freestyle and 20 whole-stroke breast (with pull buoy). On breast, focused on keeping the hands high on the outsweep, and not collapsing the wrists during any part of the pull.Take off the fistgloves but keep the pull buoy and swim 200 yards, alternating 20 freestyle and 20 whole-stroke breast as above.Repeat the entire tether sequence above.Repeat the 400 free/breast swim, but this time use just the pull buoy.Repeat the 200 free/breast swim, but this time use paddles and pull buoy.FIN SET: 600Wear fins for the entire set. Do at least 4 streamlined dolphin kicks off EVERY wall. 200 Pulse Breast with fistgloves200 Pulse Breast nekked hands200 Pulse Breast with paddlesWARMDOWN: 120120 EZ free and backTotal Yardage: 3600

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