03/03/04 IM 50s

Mar 3, 2004
03/03/04   IM 50s

03/03/04 IM 50sHere's a 45-minute practice that I did before swim team tonight.WARMUP: 500With fins.2 X (50 SA drill + 50 LA drill + 50 SA drill + 100 Free)MAIN SET: 1200No fins.24 X 50There's a pattern to this set, but it's easier to write out all the 50s. The kicks and sculls are not on a sendoff. All of the other 50s are on 1:00 (or take :15 to :20 RI).50 Breast kick (I did 5 Jump Ups before each of the 50 kicks in this set.)50 Sculling (I used a pull buoy on all the scull 50s, and changed the scull on each 25.)50 Fly50 FL/BK50 BK/BR50 BR/FR50 FL/BK50 Breast kick50 Sculling50 Back50 BK/BR50 BR/FR50 FL/BK50 BK/BR50 Breast kick50 Sculling50 Breast50 BR/FR50 FL/BK50 BK/BR50 BR/FR50 Breast kick50 Sculling50 FreeWARMDOWN: 300With fins. All backstroke drills and backstroke.Total Yardage: 2000

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