03/03/05 T-15s Wow!

Mar 3, 2005
03/03/05    T-15s Wow!

We usually reserve the last full week of each month for T-15s. These are 15-minute timed swims and they are optional. We have a lot of triathletes on the team. I can't say that they ever really LOOK FORWARD to doing these swims, but they know that they are a valuable part of their preparation. Anyway, for one reason or another, we didn't do the T-15s last week. And I was totally SURPRISED this morning, when two swimmers ASKED me if they could do them. Wow! As it turns out, all the swimmers wanted to do one. And, as it turns out, all of them had huge improvements in their distance. One of of them hit 1000 yards for the first time ever. They've been working really hard, and it paid off this morning. Here's what we did AFTER the T-15 (and after a 200 cooldown from the T-15):All of this with fins:1 X 300, swum as three rounds of:25 dolphin kick on your back25 body-dolphin breast25 dolphin kick on your back25 free1 X 300, swum as three rounds of:25 head-lead flutter on your back (rotate!)25 body-dolphin breast25 flutter on your back25 backstroke1 X 200, swum as two rounds of:25 dolphin on back25 2L/2R/2 whole-stroke fly25 dolphin on baack25 freeWARMDOWN SET: 250Everyone wear a pull buoy and do this as a group.10 X 25 Each swimmer in turn gets to choose what the group will do. It can be a drill. It can be sculling. It can be kicking, pulling, swimming. It can be breath control. But it has to be with a pull buoy. Total Yardage: variable

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