03/05/04 All-Stroke 50s (Except Fly)

Mar 5, 2004
03/05/04   All-Stroke 50s (Except Fly)

03/05/04 All-Stroke 50s (Except Fly)I'm signed up for the IMs and breaststroke events at two meets -- one in Ohio in mid March, and then USMS Nationals in Indy in April. So when I swim on my own, I'm trying to do sets that are specific to these events. Here's a 45-minute practice that I did today.WARMUP: 500With fins.Alternate 50 SA drill with 50 LA drill for 400 yards, then finish with 100 free.MAIN SET: 1650Swim three rounds of the following. There's no break between the drill/swim 50s and the nekked 50s.5 X 50 (25 drill + 25 swim) on 1:05 WITH FISTGLOVES5 X 50 on 1:00 WITHOUT FISTGLOVES50 EZ recoveryRound #1: BackstrokeDrills were6-Count Back2L/2R BackTriple-Switch BackShoulder PopDeep-Hand RecoveryTimes were approx. :45 on the drill/swim 50s; :43 on the swimsRound #2: BreaststrokeDrills wereUnderwater Breast KickBreast with Two Kicks per strokeBody-Dolphin BreastBreast Breathing Every Other StrokeUnderwater BreastTimes were approx. :47 on the drill/swim 50s; :45 on the swims.Round #3: FreestyleDrills wereFingertip DragLow-Hand RecoveryExtended ReleaseBreathe Every StrokeOverhand RecoveryTimes were approx. :40 on the drill/swim 50s; :37 to :38 on the swims.WARMDOWN: 150150 EZ warmdown, then 3 starts from the blocks.Total Yardage: 2000

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