03/07/05 Over-Distance IM Practice

Mar 7, 2005
03/07/05  Over-Distance IM Practice

One of the events I'm training for is the 400 IM, so today I wanted to practice transitions, and also get do some swims in each stroke that were slightly longer than a 100. This is easy in the pool where I swim because it's 20 yards long and I can do 120s. You could adapt this practice to a 25-yard pool by doing 125s or even 150s instead of the 120s.WARMUP: 640With fins.Alternate 50 SA drill and 50 LA drill for 640 yards, increasing the complexity of the drills as you go.MAIN SET #1: 10007 X 120 on 2:30 sendoff (approx. 30 to 35 seconds rest) Swim these as:120 Fly120 Fly/Back/Fly/Back/Fly/Back120 Back120 Back/Breast etc.120 Breast120 Breast/Free etc.120 Free160 EZ recoveryTETHER SET #1: 480 (equivalent)If you don't have a tether, substitute a 500-yard kick set.With a tether, push off and do a breaststroke pull down, take 30 head-lead breaststroke kicks, then take 30 hand-lead breast kicks, then turn and swim assisted breast back to your starting point. Repeat.2 X 40 breast with the tether.MAIN SET #2: 1000Repeat MAIN SET #1, except do it with fins on and decrease your rest interval by about 15 seconds.TETHER SET #2: 1604 X 40 breast with tether, with 10 Rocket Launchers before each 40. If you don't have a tether, substitute a 200-yard kick set.WARMDOWN: 200 EZ Free and BackTotal Yardage: 3500

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