03/07/06 CCB Masters 150s and Medley Sprints

Mar 7, 2006
03/07/06 CCB Masters  150s and Medley Sprints

Those team members who are going to the NEM Masters Championships at the end of the month did 6 of the 150s, then moved into two lanes to do the Medley Sprints described below. Everyone else did all the 150s, then the 25s, etc.WARMUP: 400400 your choice, on your ownMAIN SET: 1350 + 509 X 150 Freestyle, swum as 50 swim, 50 flutter kick on your back, 50 swim#1, #4, #7 with fins#2, #5, #7 with pull buoy#3, #6, #9 no equipment50 EZ recoveryFLY SET: 200With fins, swim twice through the following @ approx. :10 RI1 X 25 alternate 1L/1R Fly and 2 strokes Breast no breath1 X 25 2L/2R Fly finish with Fly1 X 25 3 strokes Fly finish with Free1 X 25 2L/2R Fly finish with FlyPULL SET: 400Fastest lane did 2 X 200. Other lanes did 1 X 2002 X 200 Freestyle pull, bump up breathing pattern by 1 stroke.MEDLEY SET FOR MEET PARTICIPANTS: Approx. 400Six swimmers divided into two relatively equal teams. Swim 6 X 200 Medley Relay, using the blocks and rotating through the strokes (e.g., on first relay the backstroker will also swim freestyle). Be aware of your total time on each 200 (our swimmers varied from around 2:35 to 2:50). Take approximately 1 minute rest after each relay, then start again. Total Yardage: varies...approx. 2400

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