03/11/04 Breaststroke Practice: 200s + Kick 50s + 25s

Mar 11, 2004
03/11/04   Breaststroke Practice:  200s + Kick 50s + 25s

03/11/04 Breaststroke Practice: 200s + Kick 50s + 25sHere's the breaststroke practice that I did on my own today after coaching the Masters practice. The primary set was the 200s. In each 200, I swim only two 25s of actual breaststroke -- the rest of the lengths are breast drills and kick. The kicking gives me a little bit of rest, and allows me to focus more on the drill and swim lengths. My focus today was getting a sine-wave going with my hips and legs. I tried to draw my hips up to start each kick, and tried to ride them over the top of the water as a delivered each kick. WARMUP: 400With fins. Alternate 50 SA drill + 50 LA drill, then 100 FreeMAIN SET #1: 1200 + 1006 X 200 "breast" on 4:15 (approx. :45 RI), swum as:2 X (25 Drill + 25 Hand-Lead Breast Kick on Your Back) + 2 X (25 Hand-Lead Breast Kick on Your Stomach + 25 Breast)#1: Drill is Underwater Breast Kick#2: Drill is Breast with an Extra Kick#3: Drill is Body-Dolphin Breast#4: Drill is Breast, Breathing Every Other Stroke#5: Drill is Underwater Breast#6: Drill is Body-Dolphin Breast100 EZ recoveryMAIN SET #2: 400 + 1008 X 50 Breast Kick with 5 Rocket Launchers (jumps) before each 50. No particular sendoff; just finish the 50, drop your equipment, and start jumping.Odd 50s: Breast Kick with a boardEven 50s: Breast Kick on your back with a pull buoy100 EZ recoveryMAIN SET #3: 25010 X 25 on :45Odds: EZ FreestyleEvens: All-out Breaststroke, focus on getting a shallow, fast sine wave with my hips and legs. Went :20...:20...:19...:18...:20...:20WARMDOWN: 100 EZ swim, then 6 starts from the blocks.Total Yardage: 2550

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