03/11/07 Kick Set & Strength Set with Stationary Tether

Mar 11, 2007
03/11/07  Kick Set & Strength Set with Stationary Tether

Did this in a 20-yard pool.WARMUP: 800With Zura Alpha fins:80 dolphin + 120 free80 flutter + 120 back80 dolphin = 120 free200 kick alternate breast and eggbeaterKICK SET: 40010 X 40 kick with 6 Rocket Launchers before each 40 -- This is continuous; no extra rest.Odds: Flutter kick on back or with Zura SidekickEvens: Breast kick with pull buoyTETHER/STRENGTH SET: 1750 equivalentUsed a "red level" long-belt slider. This tether doesn't have much give, and stops me in my tracks after about 15 yards -- so these were stationary swims. In each of the following swims, the final 25 strokes were at up tempo -- race-pace temp.1. 100 strokes body-dolphin breast with fins2. 180 strokes freestyle with fins3. 100 strokes whole-stroke breast with pull buoy4. 180 strokes freestyle with pull buoy5. 100 hand-lead breaststroke kicks, no equipment Focus on getting into streamline on each kick.Repeat 1 through 5, but this time it's 50 strokes for the breaststroke and 90 strokes for freestyle.Repeate 1 through 5, but this time it's 25 strokes for breast and 40 strokes for freestyle.WARMDOWN: 120 EZTotal Yardage: 3000

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