03/15/05 Short Kick Sets

Mar 16, 2005
03/15/05   Short Kick Sets

Our age-group team just finished their season and have a 3-week break. That's means there's a lot of free pool time, so I decided to Go Swim.WARMUP: 700With fins.Alternate 50 SA drill and 50 LA drill for 700 yards.Then do 200 EZ breast kick (no board) to loosen the knees.KICK SET #1: 200 + 2004 X 50 breast kick with a board on 1:30 with 7 Rocket Launchers before each 50. Descend [went 53...48...45...42]200 EZ swim as recoveryPULL/SCULL SET: 400 + 100With pull buoy, with continuously through the following:25 Fly scull + 25 Fly25 Breast scull + 25 Breast25 Back scull + 25 Back25 Breast scull + 25 Breast50 Breast kick25 Breast scull + 25 Breast25 Free scull + 25 Free25 Breast scull + 25 Breast100 EZ recovery swimKICK SET #2: 200Repeat KICK SET #1. Descend [went 53...48...45...43]FIN SET:400 EZ IM kick.WARMDOWN: 100Total yardage: 2500

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