03/18/03 CCB Masters Sculling!

Mar 19, 2003
03/18/03 CCB Masters  Sculling!

03/18/03 CCB Masters practice. This was the team's introduction to sculling. Whew! It looks so simple and easy, but it is an incredible workout for the hands, forearms, and upper arms. In addition to building arm strength, sculling is great for teaching you how to "hold on" to the water with your hands and forearms. WARMUP: ??Swim for 5 to 10 minutes on your own.WARMUP SET: 50020 X 25 with 4 to 5 "bobs" between each 25 as recovery.Odds: EZ backstrokeEvens: FAST freestyle, focus on eyes down and hide your headMAIN SETS: 13503 X (50 sculling + 4 X 100) Slower lanes did 4 X 75 instead of 4 X 100.We used kickboards for the sculling. On the first 25 we sat on the boards and sculled with a windshield-type movement of the forearms. On the 2nd 25 we lay prone on the boards and sculled with hands stretched in front of the body, or with hands at the waist.1st round: 100s (or 75s) are freestyle2nd round: 100s/75s are swum as 25 back/25 free/25 back/25 free3rd round: 100s/75s are choice or IM (slower lanes did 75 IM without the fly)WARMDOWN: 1004 X 25 freestyle, breathing every 6 to 8 strokes. Take 5 bobs as recovery between 25s.Total Yardage: 1950, not including warmup

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