03/20/03 CCB Masters 400 Descend Ladder

Mar 20, 2003
03/20/03 CCB Masters  400 Descend Ladder

03/20/03 CCB Masters practice.WARMUP: ??5 minutes swim on your own.WARMUP/DRILL SET: 450Do this set and the entire workout with fins.1 X 25 Back Balance1 X 25 Prone Balance2 X 25 Head-Lead Sweet Spot2 X 25 Head-Lead Active2 X 25 Hand-Lead Sweet Spot2 X 25 6-Count Backstroke2 X 25 Single-Switch Freestyle2 X 25 Triple-Switch Freestyle2 X 25 Screwdriver Drill2 X 25 FreestyleMAIN SET: 2000/1600With fins. All freestyle. As recovery between swims, do as many bobs as you did lengths of the pool, e.g., after the 400 (16 lengths), do 16 bobs. After the 350, do 14 bobs, etc.4003503002502001501002 X 504 X 1002 X 25 sculling while sitting on kickboard.WARMDOWN: 100 EZTotal Yardage: 2550/2150 not including warmup

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