03/22/05 Pullouts and Breakouts

Mar 22, 2005
03/22/05  Pullouts and Breakouts

After a travel day yesterday and 4 hours sleep, I wanted to do something nice and easy this morning. This was in a 25-yard pool.WARMUP: 900With fins: Alternate 50 SA drill and 50 LA drill for 600 yards. Make the drills more complex as you progress. Finish with 100 freestyle.200 EZ breaststroke kickPULL/SCULL/KICK SET: 400 + 200With pull buoy:400 "IM," doing 25 scull/25 swim/25 kick/25 swim in each strokeFinish with 200, alternating 25 whole-stroke breast (with pull buoy) and 25 freestyle pull (with pull buoy).PULLOUT/BREAKOUT SET: 40020 X 25 with 5 bobs recovery between each 25Odds: Breaststroke @ 5 strokes max per length. Experimented with different pulldowns, trying to get to the halfway point before breakout.Evens: Freestyle @ 14 strokes max per length and taking only 1 breath per length. Focused on breaking out FORWARD and low.WARMDOWN: 100 EZTotal Yardage: 2100

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