03/22/07 UV Rays Masters Kick, Pull, Swim

Mar 22, 2007
03/22/07 UV Rays Masters  Kick, Pull, Swim

WARMUP: 400TRIATHLON SET: 1004 X 25 freestyle. Stop at mid-pool on each length for 5 seconds, then start swimming again.KICK SET: 200/400Lane 1 does 2 X 100Other lanes do 4 X 100Use a sendoff that gives you ~15 seconds rest.On each 100, alternate 25 flutter kick on your back/25 free/25 flutter/25 free with a 6-beat kick.PULL SET: 300/600Lane 1 does 2 X 150 freestyle pullOther lanes do 4 X 150 freestyle pullUse a sendoff that gives you ~ 30 seconds rest. Bump up your breathing pattern on the first 100 of each 150. On the final 50, go to your normal breathing pattern. Descend time 1-4.SWIM SET: 600/800Lane 1 does 3 X 200 with finsOther lanes do 4 X 200 with finsUse a sendoff that gives you ~ 30 seconds rest.Each 200 is:25 2L/2R fly (focus on straight-arm recovery)25 2L/2R backstroke (focus on showing each shoulder)25 Body-Dolphin Breast, breathing every other dolphin25 2L/2R freestyle (focus on keeping non-working arm steady and extended)100 free (focus on extending each hand STRAIGHT out front)SPEED SET: 100/200Lane 1 does 4 X 25All other lanes do 8 X 25Use a sendoff that gives you ~ 20 seconds rest.Odds: Silent swimmingEvens: FAST freestyle, using your kick to give you your speed.WARMDOWN: 200Total Yardage: 1900/2700

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