04/01/03 CCB Masters Fifties and fistgloves

Apr 1, 2003
04/01/03  CCB Masters   Fifties and fistgloves

04/01/03 CCB Masters.WARMUP: ?????DRILL SET: 500Do this set with fistgloves.Swim 5 times through the following. As a recovery between 25s, do 3 or 4 bobs.25 Triple-Switch Freestyle25 Freestyle25 Triple-Switch Backstroke25 BackstrokeMAIN SET: 1100/900/700Swim twice through the following set. Wear fistgloves the first time through, then swim with nekked hands the second time through. Try to establish a stroke-count pattern on the first two fifties, for example, my count was 14 strokes on the first 25 of each 50 and 15 strokes on the second 25. Try to hold this same pattern for the entire set -- with gloves and without gloves. When you take off the gloves, just let your hands and arms slip through the water. Take at least 15 seconds rest between each 50. My lane went on a 1:05 sendoff with gloves; 1:00 sendoff without gloves. Here's the set:10/8/6 X 50 freestyle. Fastest lane did 10 X 50. Middle lane did 8 X 50. Slower lane did 6 X 50.50 EZ recovery -- Head-Lead Side to SideWARMDOWN SET: 400/300/2505/4/3 X (25 choice + 25 free + 25 Head-Lead Side to Side)This is really a continuous swim, but think of the set as 50s followed by 25 active recovery. Total Yardage: 2000/1700/1450, not including warmup.

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