04/04/03 CCB Masters Less Rest, More Strokes

Apr 3, 2003
04/04/03 CCB Masters   Less Rest, More Strokes

04/04/03 CCB Masters practice.WARMUP: ???5 minutes swim on your own.DRILL SET: 450With fistgloves, if you have them.18 X 25 with 3 bobs recovery between each 25:2 X 25 Single-Switch Combo2 X 25 Backstroke2 X 25 Freestyle2 X 25 alternating 4 strokes back, 3 strokes free2 X 25 Backstroke2 X 25 Freestyle1 X 25 alternating 2 stroke free, 1 stroke back1 X 25 alternating 1 stroke free, 2 strokes back2 X 25 Backstroke2 X 25 FreestyleMAIN SET:Take off the fistgloves for this set.2 X 50 freestyle at a brisk pace. Count your strokes for the entire 50 and take an average count as your "N."10/8/6 X 50 freestyle at N-2 for the 50 (e.g., if your average stroke count for the above two 50s was 40, you should swim this set of 50s at 38 strokes for each 50). Take 25 seconds rest between each 50. Our fastest lane did these on a 1:05 sendoff; the middle lane was on 1:10 sendoff; the slower lane was on 1:20 sendoff. Recover with:1 X 25 Head-Lead Side to Side2 X 25 6-Count Backstroke1 X 25 2L/2R Backstroke (alternate 2 strokes left arm/2 strokes right arm)8/6/4 X 50 freestyle at N-1 for the 50. Take 20 seconds rest between each 50. The sendoff in our three lanes was 1:00 fastest lane; 1:05 middle lane; 1:15 slower lane.Recover with the same 100 as 1st recovery above.6/6/4 X 50 freestyle at N for the 50. Take 15 seconds rest between each 50. Our sendoffs were :55/ :1:00/ 1:10.Recover/warmdown with same 100 as above.Total Yardage: 2050/ 1850/ 1550, not including warmup

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