04/04/06 IM Practice -- 100s/Fins/Transitions

Apr 4, 2006
04/04/06   IM Practice -- 100s/Fins/Transitions

WARMUP: 700With Zura Alpha fins:50 Dolphin kick50 flutter kick50 dolphin50 flutter200 free/backWith pull buoy:300 IM, donw as 25 kick/25 scull/25 pull in strokeMAIN SET: 1600Did this with Zura Alpha fins, but you could do it with no equipment. Focus on breast was keeping head down during the outsweep and feeling the forward pulse while doing this -- and making first pull after the wall a powerful pull then back into streamline. When doing pulse breast with fins, I don't do pulldowns because it doesn't feel good to come to a complete stop on the hand recovery. Instead, I do 3 to 4 hand-lead dolphins off each wall, to work on breath control.16 X 100 on 1:50 sendoff (or approx. :20 RI). Swim as:100 FL50 FL/50 BK50 BK/50 BR50 BR/50 FR50 FL/50 BK100 BK50 BK/50 BR50 BR/50 FR50 FL/50 BK50 BK/50 BR100 BR50 BR/50 FR50 FL/50 BK50 BK/50 BR50 BR/50 FR100 FRRECOVERY: 100 EZPULL SET: 400400 freestyle pull with pull buoy, breathing every 2/every 5 continuously throughout.KICK/WARMDOWN SET: 300With fins.Kick 200 on your back, alternating EZ dolphin and FAST flutter, by 25s. Finish with 100 EZ swim.Total Yardage: 3000

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