04/05/04 Asphalt Green Practice

Apr 5, 2004
04/05/04  Asphalt Green Practice

04/05/04 Asphalt Green PracticeI've been in NYC for the past few days and have had a chance to swim at my old pool -- Asphalt Green. What a great place! They set it up for 50-meter swimming on weekend mornings, so I got to swim long course and do a lot of untinterrupted drilling. This morning, it was configured for SCY, and here's what I did.WARMUP: 400400 EZ, alternating back/free/breast kickMAIN SET:The first two 400 IMs were with no equipment; the last 400 was with with fins. The sets of 41 X 400 IM 6:374 X (25 UW breast with dolphin kick + 25 Body-Dolphin Breast + 25 UW Breast with dolphin kick + 25 Body-Dolphin Breast) with fins on 2:15 (Times were 1:40-1:36.)1 X 400 IM 6:294 X 100 breast set as above, this time with fins and paddles. On 2:15. (Times were 1:37-1:35.)100 EZ1 X 400 IM with fins 6:05100 EZ8 X 50 Breast Kick (Odds: with board/ Evens: on back with pull buoy) Five Rocket Launchers before each 50100 EZ4 X 25 Breast on :30. Held :20 on each one.WARMDOWN: 100Total Yardage:3200

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