04/06/04 CCB Masters 4-3-2-1

Apr 6, 2004
04/06/04  CCB Masters  4-3-2-1

04/06/04 CCB Masters 4-3-2-1WARMUP: 400400 your choiceMAIN SET: 20001 X 400 Freestyle pull. Odd lengths: Breathe as often as you want.Even lengths: Alternate every 3 on one length; every 5 on next even length.4 X 100 IM with fins on :30 RI1 X 300 Freestyle, aim for a little faster than your T-15 pace4 X 75 with fins 2 X (FL/BK/BR BK/BR/FR) on :20 RI1 X 200 Free, aim for your T-15 pace minus :05 per 100This is not an all-out swim, but a strong, steady swim.1 X 50 EZ recovery3 X 50 your choice of kick, with 5 Rocket Launchers before each 50.1 X 100 Free for time. Aim for your T-15 pace minus :10 to :15.Again, this is not an all-out swim, but a strong, steady swim.4 X 25 with fins your choice of stroke @ :10 RI.WARMDOWN: 200200 EZTotal Yardage: 2600

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