04/06/06 UV Rays Masters 100 IM Practice

Apr 6, 2006
04/06/06 UV Rays Masters  100 IM Practice

WARMUP: 400400 your choice, on your ownWARMUP/TRIATHLON SET: 200It's Spring and triathlon season is fast approaching. This was a favorite set last year, and I noticed that this year, the swimmers were more aggressive with each other and had even more fun. Switch positions in the lane to mix it up even more. Anything goes on this. The set simulates the start of a triathlon, where swimmers are bunched together.8 X 25 freestyle on approx. :10 RISwim three abreast in each lane. If there are only two swimmers in a lane, one of them should swim down the middle, to force contact with the swimmer on the lane line.MAIN SET: 1500/1200/900Wear fins!Fastest lane did 15 X 100. Middle two lanes did 12 X 100. Lane #1 did 9 X 100.9/12/15 X 100 IMSwim these non-stop as follows:1st 3 @ :30 RI2nd 3 @ :25 RI3rd 3 @ :20 RI4th 3 @ :15 RI5th 3 @ :10 RIFocus points:Swim butterfly until just prior to failure. Switch to freestyle or 2L/2R before you start to flail.On fly and breast, start those lengths with 2 to 3 body dolphins before you start your first stroke.Legal touches at the walls.RECOVERY SET: 100100 EZ your choiceBREATH-CONTROL SET: 25010 X 25 Freestyle pull with pull buoy.Try to take only 2 breaths per length. Stretch out and RELAX in order to do this. At each wall, do 4 bobs as recovery. WARMDOWN: 100100 to 200 EZTotal Yardage: 2600/2300/2000

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