04/11/04 20-Yard Pool Taper

Apr 19, 2004
04/11/04  20-Yard Pool Taper

WARMUP: 600600 easy, alternating back, free, breast kick with no boardTETHER SET: 440 + 80I usually like to do a tether set toward the end of practice, after I'm more warmed up and can do some hard sets to build up to race pace, but today I wanted to do more of a race-day simulation. On race day, I'll do an EZ warmup, and then will have to go FAST without a lot of buildup. 9 X 40 (20 against the tether and 20 with tether assist)1 X 80 tetherFocused on finishing each kick.80 EZMAIN SET: 1120 + 2402 X 200 with fins and Zura paddles, alternating 20 Underwater Body Dolphin and 20 Above-Water Body Dolphin80 EZ2 X 160 with fins, alternating 20s as above80 EZ2 X 120 no equipment, alternating 20 breaststroke drill and 20 breast80 EZ2 X 80 breaststroke kick with 10 Rocket Launchers before each 80WARMDOWN: 200EZTotal Yardage: 2680

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