04/11/05 CCB Masters Workin' It with Fins

Apr 12, 2005
04/11/05 CCB Masters  Workin' It with Fins

WARMUP: 400400 your choice, on your own.MAIN SET: 20004 X 50 Fly/Back @ :20 RI. OK to wear fins on this, or to do 2L/2R Fly.1 X 400 with fins, alternating 25 body dolphin on your back and 25 Free. Each length of Free should be faster than the last, to the point that you're crankin' it by the last two 25s of Free.4 X 50 Back/Breast @ :20 RI2 X 200 Free with fins. Second 200 should be faster than first 200.4 X 50 Breast/Free @ :20 RI4 X 100 Free with fins @ approx. :30 RI. Count strokes on the first length. Let's say, for example, that your count is 20. Swim the next 3 lengths in 19 strokes, 18, 17. Repeat your stroke-count sequence on each of the 100s. Your sequence might be 15-14-13-12, etc. 4 X 50 Free @ approx. :25 RI. These should all be a fast effort -- 85 to 90% -- so give yourself enough rest so that you can attack. WARMDOWN: 100At least 100 warmdown.Total Yardage: 2500

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