04/13/06 UV Rays Masters All-Strokes Day

Apr 13, 2006
04/13/06 UV Rays Masters   All-Strokes Day

Our Masters team has practice only on Tue and Thurs, so we generally make Tue the freestyle day and Thurs the IM day.WARMUP: 400400 your choice, on your ownWARMUP/TRIATHLON SKILL SET: 200Same as Tuesday:8 X 25 freestyle, swimming in a "V" or a diamond formation (depending on how many swimmers in each lane), practicing drafting at the hip.BACKSTROKE SET: 400 + 50With fins.4 X 100 @ approx. :20 RI1st 25: R arm only2nd 25: L arm only3rd 25 2L/2R4th 25: Whole stroke backstrokeFocus on bent-arm pull.50 EZ recoveryIM SET: 450 + 1006 X 75 @ approx. :25 RI. Do this as two rounds of the following:25 Fly + 50 Back25 Back + 50 Breast25 Breast + 50 Free100 EZ recoveryBREAST SET: 300Fastest lane did 12 X 25. Middle lanes did 8 X 15.With fins and Tempo Trainer set to 1:65:12 X 25Odds: Karla drill (alternate 1L/1R Fly and 2 strokes Body-Dolphin Breast with no breath)Evens: Body-Dolphin BreastKeep everything in rhythm with the TT.FREE SET: 4004 X 100 freestyle pull @ approx. :15 or :20 RIUse a Tempo Trainer if you want, set at any tempo.If you normally breathe every 2 strokes, use a pattern that alternates every 2/every 5. If you normally breathe every 3 strokes, use a pattern that alternates every 3/every 5.WARMDOWN: 100 to 200 warmdownTotal Yardage: Approx. 2400

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