04/15/05 Give the Legs a Rest

Apr 15, 2005
04/15/05   Give the Legs a Rest

I kinda blew out my legs with the Big Green Beach Ball yesterday, so I gave 'em a rest today and focused on sculling and pulling, then headed under water. Did this practice in a 20-yard pool.WARMUP: 800With fins. This is all non-stop.160 Head-Lead Drill "IM"160 Hand-Lead Drill "IM"160 Single-Arm Drill "IM"160 2L/2R Drill "IM"160 FreestyleKICK/SCULL/PULL SET: 800With pull buoy. This is all non-stop.10 times through the following:20 flutter kick on back, rotate side to side20 Freestyle pull20 breast kick on back20 whole-stroke BreastWith pull buoy. Swim 10 times through the following, non-stop:20 freestyle scull20 freestyle pull20 breaststroke scull20 whole-stroke breastUNDERWATER SET: 600With fins. Do about 15 bobs as recovery between swims. Do at least 4 body-dolphin kicks to start the above-water lengths.1 X 200, alternating 20 body-dolphin breast under water and 20 fast-hands body-dolphin breast on the surface1 X 160, same as above1 X 120, same as above1 X 80, same as above1 X 40, same as aboveWARMDOWN: 300300 EZ swimming, mostly back and freeTotal Yardage: 2500

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