04/16/03 20-Yard Pool All Strokes

Apr 16, 2003
04/16/03  20-Yard Pool   All Strokes

04/16/03 This is a practice that I did by myself this morning, in a 20-yard pool.BUTTERFLY SET: 560With flippers and fistgloves.80 Head-Lead Body Dolphin80 Hand-Lead Body Dolphin80 Slide to the Corners80 Stoneskipper80 Hip-Delay Butterfly80 Body-Dolphin Butterfly80 Body-Dolphin on Your BackBACKSTROKE SET: 520With fistgloves.6 X 80 backstroke on 1:45 sendoff. 40 EZ recoveryFREESTYLE/BREAST SET: 1000Without fistgloves.6 X (80 freestyle + 40 EZ breaststroke kick on my back as recovery). 280 EZ breaststroke kick in all positions (head-lead on back, head-lead on stomach, hand-lead on back, hand-lead on stomach, under water)BREASTSTROKE SET: 480With flippers.1 X 20 Body-Dolphin Breast1 X 20 Double Body-Dolphin Breast1 X 20 Triple Body-Dolphin Breast1 X 20 Quadruple Body-Dolphin BreastEtc., until the 12th lap, which was was Body-Dolphin Breast with no pulses. Repeat the above 12 laps.WARMDOWN: 100100 easy swimdownTotal Yardage 2660

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