04/19/05 CCB Masters Kick Scull Swim

Apr 19, 2005
04/19/05 CCB Masters  Kick Scull Swim

WARMUP: 400400 your choice, on your own.KICK/SCULL/SWIM SET #1: 500Swim twice through the following. Don't worry too much about sendoffs. The point is to integrate what you're learning on the kick and scull into your swimming. Wear a pull buoy for the 75s but not for the 50s. 1 X 75, swum as 25 head-lead flutter on your back/25 freestyle scull/25 freestyle pull1 X 50 Free, focus on either narrow, fast kick...or...not collapsing the wrist on the pull1 X 75, swum as 25 head-lead breast kick on your back/25 breaststroke scull/25 whole-stroke breast1 X 50 Breast, focus on either narrow kick...or...not collapsing wrists on the outsweepFIN SET #1: 500With fins. On the fast freestyle lengths, focus on not collapsing the wrist as you pull.1 X 200, alternating 25 dolphin kick on your back and 25 FAST freestyle1 X 150, alternating as above1 X 100, alternating as above1 X 50, alternating as aboveKICK/SCULL/SWIM SET #2: 500Repeat KICK/SCULL/SWIM SET #1FIN SET #2: 500Use fins for the entire set.1 X 200: odd lengths are 25 Head-Lead Body Dolphin; even lengths are IM order (FAST)1 X 150: alternate as above, but skip the Fly1 X 100: as above, but skip Fly and Back1 X 50: as above, but skip Fly, Back, and BreastWARMDOWN: 100At least 100 EZTotal Yardage: 2500

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