04/22/04 CCB Masters

Apr 20, 2004
04/22/04  CCB Masters

WARMUP: 400Approximately 400 yards (10 minutes) EZ warmup on your own.MAIN SET: 2000Swim 4 rounds of the following (Slowest lane should do 3 rounds and can substitute another stroke for Fly) . Take approximately 20 seconds rest after each interval; approximately 30 seconds between the 100 and the 200. Get your time on the 100s, and try to swim each 200 at the same pace as the 100 that preceded it. E.g., if you swim 1:40 on the 100, shoot for 3:20 on the 200. At the same time, try to hold your 100 and 200 times steady throughout the set -- or even to descend them. 1 X 25 FLY 1 X 50 BACK/BREAST1 X 75 BACK/BREAST/FREE1 X 100 FREE1 X 200 FREEEZ 50 to recoverWARMDOWN: 200200 EZ warmdown Total Yardage: 2600/2100

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